March 2018 Velasquez Family Update

Dear Pastor, Congregation and Friends,

 There is no other gospel! That is one of the truths that we learn in the book of Galatians. It is the knowledge that only the gospel of Christ has the power to free men from the bondage of sin that keeps us going on as missionaries. Spain needs the gospel that Paul received from Christ and was entrusted to preach in the first century. We have just started studying the book of Galatians in both churches. We want to remind the believers that the gospel is not only something that you believe in order to be saved, it is the foundation and engine of our entire Christian lives. It also has implications. If you believe the gospel you will live a certain way. My greatest joy in studying the book of Galatians is that I am studying it with three other men preparing for ministry. Every week we gather to discuss the upcoming message and evaluate the previous message. It is one of the most encouraging things I get to do as a missionary. I get to spend time with and invest in men that are faithful students and expositors of the Word of God. 

Last month four new believers were baptized in the Parla Baptist Church! One of the girls that was baptized is Nadia, Paco’s daughter. As many of you know, Paco was one of the first converts in the Parla church. He came to the church because he had received a gospel DVD in his mailbox. The first Sunday that he came he stood outside the church and asked his baby daughter Nadia, “Should we go in or not?” The little girl nodded in approval and the rest is a wonderful testimony of the power of the gospel. Paco was saved about a month later and Veronica, his wife, shortly after. Paco is now a pastor in training. He has faithfully raised his daughters in the fear of the Lord and is now beginning to see the fruit. One of the most exciting things about pioneer missions is when the second-generation starts coming to faith in Christ. 

The church in Colmenar is also growing! We are working to improve the worship service so that every aspect of the service clearly communicates the Word of God and displays the gospel. We want the believers to live a life of active evangelism in their neighborhoods and workplaces. We want it to be natural for them to invite their friends to church because they are already sharing the gospel with them in private. We want to make sure that when they do invite their friends to church they are going to receive a clear gospel invitation. One of the ways that attendance is increasing is through child birth. We are excited to announce that we are expecting our fourth child! The baby will be born either in August or September. Please pray for Faviana’s pregnancy. She is a little nervous because she had a difficult pregnancy with our third. We know, however, that God is in control. Thank you so much for your faithful prayers and support! God bless.