Three Blessings

1. New Church Building: This past Sunday was a big day for the church in Parla. After four years meeting in a small building we voted to move the church to a building three times the size of what we have now. We will finally have room to grow! Our desire is to inaugurate the new building in June or July. We will have a special service and everyone will invite friends, family members and co-workers. Please pray that the transition would go smoothly. We want to see more lives changed by the power of the gospel!

2. New Sunday School Teacher: Last week I had the privilege of watching Carlos Temprano teach the youth Sunday School class for the first time. He did an excellent job. I am currently training him as we will need help with the youth during my short furlough. I had the privilege of leading him to Christ and baptizing him. I meet up with him every week and teach him the Bible. It’s wonderful seeing him teach others the gospel. Please pray for Carlos. God is really using him.

3. New Believer: I have been praying for God to save our young people for a long time. This month Flavius, a nineteen year-old, placed his faith in Jesus Christ. He had been faithfully attending church services and had become convicted of his need of Christ. He is being discipled, devouring his Bible and growing in the Lord. We need dedicated young people if we’re going to turn Spain and the world upside down with the gospel. I’m excited for this young man.